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Twizer is the world’s first app experience platform.

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Twizer’sapp experience booths offer free face-to-face demos that highlight your app's key advantages and benefits using an easy, human and instructional way. When users watch our demonstration, they learn how to use your app, they use it, like it and recommend it to friends and family

To simplify the lives of millions of people, our booths are strategically located at major shopping malls, airports, universities and retail stores.


Twizer's app provides tips on how to find, install and make the most of the best apps . Using content curatorship and a customization algorithm, Twizer produces tailored tips on how to use different apps, turning your smartphone into a powerful tool that will change the way people carry out their day-to-day activities

People use Twizer’s app to find new apps and tips on how to use them; they click on the "Install" button and are automatically directed to the app store to begin installation

With Twizer, rather than acquiring users, you acquire fans.

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